In 2019 C4C starts to implement Theology Curriculum from Harvest International Theology Seminary School in Karawaci. With this curriculum, all of the blind friends who are eager to learn the basics of Theology are enrolled into the D1 program, which is commensurate with the first year of Theology School at Harvest.PANO 20190326 105459 logo HITS no background
To our surprise, many sign up and show commitment and dedication to learn more about theology. About 30 students sign up on the first day, and they go through the orientation before becoming students. (see photo gallery here)


The collaboration is greatly supported by Pastor Jimmy Oentoro, as the head of Harvest Seminary School who is moved by the determination of the blind friends to rise. As C4C also has been teaching and laying the foundation of faith to the blinds, this collaboration with Harvest Seminary solidifies the foundation of the teaching in C4C. With this program, the blind students will have to pass all 5 Trimester programs that cover all of the basic knowledge of the bible which is parallel to the first year of Seminary School at Harvest.

This kind of program has never been implemented before, and therefore it poses some challenge to C4C on how to execute the program. We at C4C then ask for wisdom from the Lord as to how to overcome all the obstacles that the blind friends have in order to teach them effectively. C4C then start to use recordings as the main tools for the blind friends to review what they learn, for using braille is not as effective.

All of the tests are given verbally, and all of the questions are given in the form of multiple choices. The blind students then can give answers with their fingers in relative to the "abcd" choices. Praise be to God that the program is going strong, and C4C are receiving new students periodically. At the end of the 5 Trimester program, the students that pass the minimum score will receive certificate from Harvest Seminary School.




Mark 9:12 - "And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought."

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