As usual, C4C family conducts another Social Care Service for the Blind Friends and at the same time having an Easter Service on 11 May 2019. The medical team from Atma Jaya University has been faithfully serving the blind friends for many years. The doctors bring their team of students who are always ready to serve with open arms. (see photo gallery here)IMG 20190511 121236


After establishing the RAFA Massage Cooperation last year, finally the RAFA Massage relaunches itself as the New Rafa Masseur Team. We are reorganizing the masseur personnels, and we work closely with "Precious One" foundation to market the RAFA team to corporations.IMG 20190401 090603
This way, instead of passively waiting for incoming patients, the New RAFA Team is prepared to go out and serve patients outside as a team.(see photo gallery here for vocal, keyboard, guitar, and drum)


Christmas for the C4C family this year comes early, on 1 December 2018. As usual, all the preparations go into effect weeks before, where all of the C4C Christmas Committee work out all the details so that this year's Christmas will be most unique. Before the Christmas service starts, we start the event with our first braille reading competitions, where the contestants are given a few bible passages in braille to read.(see photo gallery here)IMG 20181201 WA0017


As in the previous years, Center for Christ conducted another Preaching Competition for the Blind Friends.20171125 100819 The Competition that is held yearly is unique each year because of the various topics assigned for the contestants. For this year, the general topic of preaching was about "How to follow the footsteps of Jesus." A total of 17 preaching contestants signed up, and each one must address a specific bible passage. (See photo gallery here)

After all the works and preparations, then on 4 November 2017 C4C started to occupy a new building in the Meruya area, West Jakarta. 20171104 113725 All of the family of Center for Christ were excited about this new place, for the LORD Himself who had provided this building. In this new building, all of the activities of Center for Christ can be conducted comfortably in a better and more orderly manner. (See photo gallery here)

In the month of October 2017 Center for Christ moved to a new building. IMG 20171018 125955As the Center has established itself for over 4 years, it now required a bigger and better place so that we can better minister the Blind Friends. Works for the new place started early in October and completed in early November 2017 when we reopened the Center again. (See photo gallery here)

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